“Our task is to help children communicate with the world using all their potential, strengths and languages, and to overcome any obstacle presented by our culture”


About us

Welcome to The Hub Preschool & Early Education Academy. Finding a new Education and Care Service for your child can be a daunting task. At The Hub Preschool & Early Education Academy our aim is to provide a secure and happy environment. An environment where children can develop their intellectual, social, emotional, physical and creative skills to become confident individuals. At The Hub our aim is for you as a parent/guardian to feel safe knowing that your child is receiving the best possible care. We believe the best way to work with you and your child is by building a partnership of education and care.

Our Philosophy of being in Partnership with Families and Communities is guided by the “Being, Belonging, Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework”, the National Quality Framework and the National Quality Standards.

There are a number of key principles that inform The Hub philosophy and aims in relation to:

In Relation to Families and Community

We acknowledge that the preschool has a long-lasting partnership with the Mayfield Baptist Church and their other community services. The preschool is in a unique position to provide effective care and support to families. The preschool will continue its heritage of celebrating important dates in the Christian calendar and demonstrating God’s love in a practical way while welcoming and respecting the choices of all families, regardless of family structure, culture, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic circumstances or disability.

We acknowledge as central to families as they partner with The Hub the principles of kindness, inclusion, respect, tolerance, friendship, self-control, joy, thankfulness, honesty, patience, thinking, investigating, exploring, problem-solving, emotional resilience, a sense of self and love.

We acknowledge that families are the most important people in their child’s life and have valuable cultural distinctives and information to share with us. We value a supportive and welcoming environment for parents that seeks to make parents feel welcome and that encourages them to become involved at the centre in whatever way they feel comfortable. The Hub also recognizes that individual families have their own parenting and childcare practices, which the educators at the centre will recognize and respect.

We recognise that families are active members of the larger community and value the partnership with this larger community. Thus a key aim at The Hub is to establish and further develop our collaborative partnership with both families and the community.

We value and encourage feedback suggestions and opinions from all members of The Hub community regarding the centre’s procedures, policies and the general running of the centre.

Within the context of The Hub the aims are for:

  • Families to feel secure in knowing that their child is cared for in a nurturing environment.
  • Families have the right to confidentiality and respect for privacy.
  • Families to have the right to access affordable, high-quality care and education.

In Relation to Children

We acknowledge that all children are unique individuals with unique needs, interests and strengths. All children are given equal opportunities regardless of their gender, culture, ability and socio-economic background.

We recognise and value children’s voices as the most important part of the program developed and implemented at The Hub and that their learning is central to all aspects of the centre.

We value play as the most important vehicle for learning in early childhood and seek to provide children who attend The Hub with experiences that are joy-filled, fun, safe and stimulating. It is acknowledged that children learn best through play and educators at The Hub will support each child’s development by providing experiences that are meaningful to the children and, most importantly, reflect their interests. For example, the child’s knowledge is valued and can be used as a tool for enhancing the knowledge of others.

Learning is valued and promoted through experimentation, problem-solving, investigation and role-play. Educators will follow children’s interests and provide open-ended play and creative experiences within a comfortable, relaxed, home-like environment that encourages high but achievable expectations and provokes learning. The Hub recognises that children develop and learn at their own pace, and therefore educators will ensure their expectations of children’s development are specific to each child and their experiences.

The Hub values the social and emotional wellbeing of children and seeks to promote positive self-concept, high self-esteem and social competence as an integral basis for learning. Therefore, educators will ensure children are given meaningful praise for efforts, success and positive behaviour and will be supported to build positive relationships with their peers. Educators will support each child’s social and emotional development through the Principles of “Belonging, Being and Becoming” and its practices.

Educators at The Hub will support each child’s background within a supportive environment, building on their experiences across all learning outcomes. These learning outcomes seek to encourage in children:

  • A strong sense of identity;
  • Connection and contribution to their world;
  • A strong sense of wellbeing;
  • To be active and involved learners; and
  • Their ability as efficient communicators.

The Hub will support the inclusion of children with additional needs, working in conjunction with the family and other support services and agencies.

In Relation to Educators

We recognise and respect that every educator at The Hub is an individual with diverse needs, interests, skill, knowledge and experience. We seek to support and develop each educator’s personal early childhood philosophy and value this within the broader shared philosophy of The Hub.

It is the aim of The Hub that the educators will work as a team by motivating and supporting each other and build an atmosphere of trust and respect through open communication that respects different points of view and maintains confidentiality.

The Policies and Procedures of The Hub, PIEC Principles of Attachment, AECA Code of Ethics, UN Conventions of the Rights of the Child and the National Quality Areas (NQF) are regarded as key documents guiding the practices of educators at The Hub and they will be expected to abide by and implement these policies.

Evaluation is a valued component of The Hub in view of improved policy and practices and educators will be encouraged to engage in reflection and evaluation of their practices in view of continued improvement.

In Relation to the Program

The Hub values the interests of the child as central to the program developed and implemented at the centre. The program will seek to value the ability of a child to make choices and have control over their own learning through recognizing individual interests and their ‘voices’. Short and long term projects will be developed in a flexible context that responds to the children’s interests. The program at The Hub recognises the principles provided by the Early Years Learning Framework (and other practices like the Reggio Emilia philosophies) where the children’s interest are the focus and staff work within these interests to assist with the child’s development.

These practices are complemented by educators’ “Provocations” via intentional teaching, whereby the role of adults within the centre is to be facilitators that guide and encourage children’s learning at their level.

The Hub acknowledges and supports the process of children’s play rather than focusing on a final product. Educators will use individual Learning Journeys (portfolios) to document children’s learning. As the Hub values parental awareness of their child’s learning the portfolios will be made available to parents at all times. The child’s program will be made accessible for families to read, comment upon and offer feedback and suggestions.

All educators are valued as key developers, implementers and evaluators of the program at The Hub and as such will be given the opportunity to have input into the program with ideas and suggestions.

The Hub values a program that provides children with opportunities for indoor-outdoor play that promotes child-initiated small group experiences and fosters nurturing and sibling relationships.

In Relation to the Environment

We recognise the importance of providing a safe, supportive secure and consistent centre environment that promotes trust and familiarity as well as active exploration of learning. This active exploration will seek to value the centre’s environment as part of a global environment.

The Hub believes that environment sustainability is our responsibility and we will endeavour to become active advocates of “Going Green” within the program and practices of the centre. We recognise that we are part of the world community as well as our local community and it is our role to support children to become environmentally responsible and contribute to a sustainable future.

The Hub values our indigenous heritage and as such will acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of this land, the Awabakal and Worimi people.

We strongly believe in the principles of Respect and Responsibility as representing the foundation of our early childhood practices as we interact with others and our environment.