Situated in a central location in Newcastle, The Hub Waratah is your child’s home away from home where from the moment you are greeted at the door by our warm and friendly staff, you are made to feel a part of our family and can sense the wondrous world of children’s imagination and self expression. We are passionate in educating and nurturing the children, promoting and expanding their individual abilities, and extending their interests.

Kim Townsend


Director’s Philosophy

I really believe that “it takes a village to raise a child”, my educational philosophy centres around nurturing strong relationships and connections with parents and the community, as I firmly believe that these alliances are instrumental in supporting children throughout their educational journey.

Our Learning Space

Where wonder and awe collide, providing a world of imagination where children can express themselves freely and creatively through a range of activities and experiences. Our indoor spaces are warm and inviting, offering a sense of belonging, while our outdoor spaces provide opportunity for children to challenge themselves in a safe and secure environment. Each age group has their own yard, which is fully enclosed providing exceptional security.

We Love Nature

Our educators and children alike share a passion for the natural environment. They love spending time cultivating in the garden and caring for our three silky hens, becoming excited when they see eggs that have been laid or new plants growing from our seeds.

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Our Class Rooms

At The Hub children are grouped according to age. We split children into seven rooms called: