The Hub Elermore Vale is situated in the heart of Elermore Vale with beautiful natural elements in our play spaces providing large outdoor environments connecting to the rooms. We offer indoor/outdoor experiences to provide children with choice within their environment to support their sense of agency and development of their skills while learning through play.

Yola Kruger


Director’s Philosophy

I believe that the first 5 years of a child’s life are the most important for their early learning and development. Children are competent and capable of constructing and directing their own learning reaching when supported. I acknowledge that children are born belonging to a culture and have respect for diversity I value the beliefs of families and use these to further my early childhood pedagogy. I believe as a Director, I have an important role to support and lead my team of educators. It is essential for children, families and educators to be immersed within an inspiring and uplifting environment with a team who are cohesive and demonstrate team work.

Our Learning Space

We value play as the most important vehicle for learning in early childhood and seek to provide children who attend The Hub with experiences that are joy filled, fun, safe and stimulating

Amazing Atelier

Our Atelier beckons children to explore their artistic talents and express their unique ideas, with so many choices of art materials to use. We love to hear the room hum with joyful chatter as children experiment, create and collaborate with each other as their imaginations take flight amidst the endless possibilities of artistic expression.

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Our Class Rooms

At The Hub children are grouped according to age. We split children into six rooms called: