The Hub at Mayfield has introduced the next phase of their sustainability project.
Each family at The Hub Mayfield will be given a bucket with the family’s name on it. Attached to the bucket is a song that Raylee has written to help encourage the children to learn about composting at Preschool.
All the families fill their buckets with fruit and vegetable scraps from home. Then once your bucket is full, they bring it back to the Preschool for the children to add to our chickens, worm farm and compost.
We are very excited about this initiative as we believe that it is a fantastic hand-on approach to teaching children about composting and sustainable practices.

What we put into our buckets!

  • Apple and pear cores
  • Mushrooms
  • Lettuce and green vegetables
  • Kiwifruit ends and skin
  • Passionfruit skins
  • Banana peels
  • Grapes and grape stalks
  • Watermelon skins
  • Strawberry tops
  • Vegetable peels (for example carrot and potato peels)