Parisse van Lijf

Hi, I’m Parisse. I am a recent graduate of an Early Childhood/ Social work degree which I completed at the University of Wollongong before moving to Newcastle early 2016.

Since my first work experience in high school in a small day-care in Mudgee (my home town) I was drawn towards working with children. It never ceases to inspire me how each unique child can see the world. A quote I absolutely love is ; “A child can teach an adult three things. To be happy for no reason, To always be curious. To fight tirelessly for something”. Hence, I aim to bring these qualities into my own day with the children; evoking curiousity, resilience and joy within every task we do!

I believe my role as an Early Childhood teacher is so important. Here at the Hub, I will encourage children to ex express their ideas and interests in a range of ways and be extended upon these (through carefully planned and engaging learning environments) in order to learn and grow. After all; the early years is setting us up for life-long learning.

I see family as hugely important in a child’s life. Connecting family, community and school life makes a child feel centred and gain a sound sense of belonging. Cultural competence is also something I value; children will often explore the world alongside me- extending their views to become socially aware.

I have a strong interest in musical theatre, singing, dancing and literature. I believe any experience can be amplified with a bit of creative song or a beautifully written story!

Above all though, I aim to connect to those around me with positivity and warmth. This allows me to care in the most authentic way possible for everything I do at the Hub- making this not only a job; but a home too.