Nicole Denzin

Hi, I’m Nicole and I am one of the Directors of the Hub. I have a Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood. I am married to Chris and we have four children. I love the beach, BBQS, my job, coffee, chocolate, Church and spending time with my family and friends.

My educational philosophy is embedded in theories that see children as strong and capable. I use the NQF as the framework for my practice and view play as fundamental and the basis for learning in early childhood. I believe that children learn more effectively when the learning is purposeful and connected to their lives and interests. I aim to create learning environments that are natural, appealing, inclusive and rich in possibilities that reflect the community, staff and families that use the service.

It is my desire to work collaboratively with families to form positive relationships by sharing cultures, values and expectations. I am passionate about the creative arts as a medium to provoke imagination, thought and learning. I believe the arts empower children to make decisions and choices and build on peer relationships. I welcome opportunity to work in partnership with children as they investigate the learning environment through mathematics, science, movement, language and relationships.

I see a child’s spiritual development as a vital component of their sense of self. I see a child’s emotional development as the core of their well-being and acknowledge the importance of attachment theory and relationships.I still see myself as on learning journey professionally and continue to study current research and theories that empower me with knowledge regarding quality practices. I see quality practice as continued self reflection and evaluation. I am looking forward to teaching your children in 2016.