Kimberley Draeger

Hi, I’m Kimberley and I am one of the teachers at The Hub Preschool. I have a Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies and a Bachelor of Primary Teaching which I completed in 2014. I am married to Kym and together we spend our time renovating our home, going to the markets and exploring new places.

I have always had a passion for teaching, especially teaching children prior to school age, as I believe that a positive teacher can facilitate a love of learning for life. My teaching philosophy is built on three core foundations which are The Early Years Learning Framework, the National Quality Framework and a collection of Early Childhood theorists.

I believe that children are active participants in their learning and have a right to access a high quality educational program which is based on their interests. Learning through play is the most beneficial form of learning and I will continue to facilitate this within the preschool program.

I have a passion for sharing and reading books as I believe stories allow children to use their imagination and can provoke creativity. Story telling also allows children to partake in discussion as they immerse themselves in thought and reflection. I have recently been inspired by Nicole’s (director) love of puppetry and have begun to incorporate this into my group experiences. I enjoy seeing the children being captivated by a puppet and the way it allows them to explore role-play and their imagination.

I am passionate about forming positive bonds with all children and their families. I understand the importance of the family unit and I incorporate family beliefs and culture within the program. I also value the importance of working within a team and creating a positive preschool environment where children can feel safe and supported.

I look forward to teaching your children and being a part of their learning journey at The Hub.