Alyssa Rodway

My Name is Alyssa Rodway and working with Children has been my dream since I was eleven. I completed my Diploma of Children’s Services in 2009 and since then I have worked as a disability support worker, created and maintained Sunday school programs and crèche, and worked as a Diploma trained educator in both Preschools and Long Day Cares Centres.

I value each child as an individual and believe that all children deserve to feel safe, secure, and valued within their learning environment. I believe that all children are capable learners and deserve opportunities to explore, manipulate, and engage within their play. I believe that all children no matter their age, abilities, and gender deserve an equal opportunity to be involved and contribute to their learning.

I value that all children’s interests are the foundation of the program and aesthetically pleasing environments that encourage all children to engage, explore and work together are provided. I understand that families are the most important people within their children’s lives and are a vital tool in understanding and caring for their children. I respect and value all cultural beliefs background and believe that these beliefs are the foundation of the family and child.

I believe strongly in team work and open communication. I value the experience, knowledge of all educators and value their input into the program.

I look forward to getting to know all the families, children and educators at The Hub Preschool and working with you all.